Joan L Roche

About joan Roche


Observational research forms the starting point of my work and drawing practice is at the centre of my creative engagement.  

My formal language explores the materiality and process of medium that translates the drawing into the painterly.  This ongoing experimentation with oil pigment techniques forms the process.  I don't maintain a single cohesive style but prefer to allow each painting to dictate my response.  I produce many different studies around the subject and continue to re-work on all the pieces in the early development stage.

Two subjects have interested me over many years - the figure and the landscape.

I have always been intrigued by the various challenges that drawing from the figure presents.  Each drawing is an improvisation and my language starts to become more fluid.  I continue to maintain a strong connection with the RA Schools attending weekly drawing sessions, an engagement that deeply influences my art practice.

The landscape paintings are worked from studies directly observed and then developed into paintings using a mix of oil paint, pigment and varnishes to create works that have many layers, reflecting the timelessness of these places and my response to them.



Postgraduate Fine Art, Royal Academy Schools

BA Fine Art, North East London Polytechnic

Foundation Art & Design, Sir John Cass

I was full time Art & Design Programme Coordinator and tutor at City of Westminster College 

Selected Art Exhibitions & Awards


Royal Academy Summer Show      (multiple entries)

Lincolnshire & Humberside Art.     Travel Exhibition

Royal College of Art             Women's City Exhibition

Discerning Eye                            Mall Galleries London

Xcross Poly Nation New Delhi, India    Group Exhibition

Gallery 47, London W1                          Solo Exhibition

Australia                Solo Exhibition and several group shows

Centro Modigliani Florence, Italy Royal Academy group  exhibition


David Murray Travel Scholarship

Royal Overseas League

Landseer Landscape Priz


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